Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Why Chromosome

"Why Get Up?" by The Fabulous Thunderbirds
The lead guitar is so funny in this song.  Precise and clever, of course, but hilarious. With those lyrics, what choice does it have? Kim Wilson is the singer, but he's every guy (or any girl who cares to listen) who's ever found himself  (or herself) living in hell. The comedy is sinister and self-mocking -- my favourite kind. Kim Wilson's phone is being rung off its hook by bill collectors; he goes to his doctor, who tells him to lose some weight, and that if he doesn't do it soon, he'll have to operate (some kind of bypass, one would think); his lawyer tells him his case is closed; he remembers a gun and calling somebody's bluff. He sees his only possible move: Hide. Which makes perfect sense when you've been scorched: remove yourself from the source of heat, because if you don't, you really will go up in flames. Kim Wilson is hiding, but Jimmie Vaughan, the guitar player (yup, you've heard of his brother), is laughing at him like any old friend would. Of course, old friends are old but rarely helpful, neither of which is their fault. 

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