Thursday, 24 May 2012

Blowing Horns Blow Off The Dust

"Fly Me To The Moon" as sung by Frank Sinatra
No matter how many times I listen to this flawlessly played and sung number, as I'm singing along (no one can listen to it and not do that), I always come in a beat too soon at the end, ahead of Mr. Sinatra's final, playful "you" (object of "love", resulting in a supreme match of verb and pronoun). But that's because I'm a musical idiot trying to keep up with a musical savant. He was, as we all know, an idiot without much savant a lot of the time, especially with women. But, oh my, did that asshole know how to tell them he loved them!

You have to admit he wasn't much of a scientist, either. Jupiter and Mars? The stars? He wouldn't last long out there. What am I thinking? Before he could even think about Jupiter or Mars, that cold, airless moon would've laid him low in a few seconds (no matter who was holding his hand or kissing his mouth). But the sky was a lot smaller when Frank Sinatra sang this song, and he's with the woman he loves. Who could blame him for thinking anything's possible? How do we know he's with the woman he loves? Because he thinks anything is possible. 
Not much of a philosopher, either, huh? Doesn't matter, though. He isn't just a singer -- he's a singer whose heart is filled with song. What's especially fortunate for us is that his heart is so connected to his brain and his vibrating vocal components. The best kind of machine you can imagine.  
The players? All of them must have been so happy for at least roughly two-and-a-half minutes of their lives, which is how long it takes them, and Frank Sinatra, to create this brief miracle.

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