Monday, 2 April 2018

Sometimes You Just Know

"I'll Take You There," by the Staple Singers

Because I'm certain non-material phenomena don't exist, "soul" is a word I like to use carefully. Like millions of others, I was brought up to believe that it denoted an actual entity that existed somewhere inside me, but also separate from me; unlike me, however, it would live through a blissful eternity if I behaved myself before I had to leave the scene. The whole scheme eventually struck me as unjust and nonsensical and I abandoned my belief in it a long time ago.

Singing isn't my new religion, but I love it infinitely more than I ever did that old religion. I find it infinitely more useful, too. And I think I get the use of "soul" when it comes to singing (and playing): it's artful and sincere, and it makes you and the singer(s) and player(s) ecstatic or sorrowful (mostly the former, in my experience).

Heck, I'm just running my mouth. Listen to this song, its soulful lyrics, its soulful players, its soulful singers, the soulful woman singing lead. You'll know what I mean.

(Of course, the joke's on me because I think they're all talking about heaven, and I don't believe in heaven.)

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