Monday, 14 May 2018

Grinning It Out

"Give Me One Reason," by Tracy Chapman , with Eric Clapton (and the soulful pros playing along)

At first, you don't get it: Ms. Chapman is singing a sad song but she can't stop smiling. Then you realize that she realizes she's singing one of her sad songs (and what a beautiful song it is!) with a band that has chops to spare, and with a guitarist who makes you think that maybe God is String Theory. (I think "Clapton is God" was a widespread graffito long ago and far away, in the 1960s, in London, England.) I don't know how to play the guitar (I don't know how to play anything), but Mr. Clapton does, and his guitar has got the blues nailed.

I recommend you watch the video for that entrancing and entranced smile that Ms. Chapman can't stop. But then you should listen to this four-plus minutes of blues brilliance while your eyes are closed. Your smile might or might not be as lovely as hers, but it'll definitely be as happy.

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